About Us

When their closing day is approaching, we're here to help you mark this major milestone. At Closing Day Gifts, our unique gifts are sent with a smile. Our online gift center offers a complete line of thoughtful gifts and makes it easy to set yourself apart from the impersonal gift cards and clichéd bottles of bubbly. We can also help you build a customized care package for your client. Just give us a call. (For personalized gifts, please allow 2-3 business days for fulfillment.) 

Closing Day Gifts, part of Care Center Gifts, LLC, is a family business in Kansas City, Missouri. Our collection of products and gifts are carefully packaged with love in the heart of America to help you celebrate the people you cherish.

Please visit Care Center Gifts to learn more about our additional gift lines. 

Our Team

We’re family here. Jill Wuetherich and Sarah Brewster, sisters; and Elisa Trozzolo, sister-in-law, along with their nine children and mom work together at Care Center Gifts, LLC. It’s a fun and joyful environment filled with love. Learn more About Us here